How To Dump Yourself Down To Get A Job

We all know that the economy is getting worse, except the administration of course. ᅠBut here’s an article to tell you how to dumb yourself down so that you can get a job easier, at lower pay. ᅠAt least, this is what happened in the San Francisco area ater the dot com bust in 2000. ᅠThat’s the precedent for today, sadly. ᅠIt’s that slave mentality again. ᅠThey’ll take anything just to have a job.

ᅠᅠIs that how to be an Empowered Citizen? ᅠThis economy takes power away from citizens and puts it in the hands of the corporations who want cheap labor. ᅠMaybe that’s OK for a third world country, but not in America. ᅠWell, really, it’s not good for human beings anywhere on the planet.

You May Have to Work While many politically nimble chair-warmers hung onto their jobs over the last two years of layoffs, there is not much hiring going on for new chair-warmers. I’ve heard of people who can sit in a chair for two hours doing nothing

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If you want to learn how to get a job by selling yourself short, then this is a good article. ᅠIf you want to see the psychology of a population in an economic collapse, then this is also a good article to read. ᅠIt’s also a good article to get pissed in order to fight for changes to rebuild this country we don’t have to get dumbed down just to get a low wage job.ᅠ

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