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Obama Is On Recovery Fantasy Island

After watching MSNBC tonight and hearing President Obama say “the recovery that we’re on” was just too much to take.  I was waiting to here “de plane boss, de plane.” I guess Obama is continuing to ignore the latest figures … Continue reading

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The Return To Prudent Banking: Glass-Steagall And H.R. 1489

The reality of the economic crisis which has been in the news lately is prompting the fight to restore some sanity to the banking system.  Since the start of deregulation in the late 70s and culminating in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, … Continue reading

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More Calls For A Roosevelt Style Recovery

With the economy getting worse, and the mood growing more dim, some voices are calling for a return to what worked in the past.  This article is one more voice in that chorus of brave souls willing to go against … Continue reading

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