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The Return To Prudent Banking: Glass-Steagall And H.R. 1489

The reality of the economic crisis which has been in the news lately is prompting the fight to restore some sanity to the banking system.  Since the start of deregulation in the late 70s and culminating in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, … Continue reading

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Economic Rehab Can Take A Long Time?

In watching the news tonight it’s obvious what I’ve been saying for a while:  There is no recovery, never was.  The Obama administration has been lying about it so they look good.  But, you can only hide that for so … Continue reading

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Is A Recession Really A Time for A Congressional Recess?

This is an opinion with which I agree. If the country is in crisis, why is the Congress on recess.  Apparently, the recession is not interfering with their recess.  There’s a quote by President Obama like ‘Failure to restore fiscal … Continue reading

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