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No More Unemployment Benefits for Out of Work

If you happen to be one of the long term out of work, then you may become just another statistic, unfortunately. And, if you see the official figures that the economy is improving, especially in your state, but you still … Continue reading

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How To Dump Yourself Down To Get A Job

We all know that the economy is getting worse, except the administration of course. ᅠBut here’s an article to tell you how to dumb yourself down so that you can get a job easier, at lower pay. ᅠAt least, this … Continue reading

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Happy To Work Like A Slave Than Be Out Of Work

In this so called recovery, pronounced by the administration, there’s a scary psychology developing in the minds of population, particularly the unemployed, those not fortunate enough to get a bail out.  Here’s an article which demonstrates what I call the … Continue reading

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