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The Failure of Obamanomics and the Financial Crisis

Well, here is a term that I just heard. Maybe it’s been circulating around but I haven’t heard it until now, Obamanomics. An editorial in investors.com really underscores the failure of Obama’s economic plan, if you can call it a … Continue reading

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Is Timothy Geithner A Complete idiot, Or Just A Liar?

I have to rant about this idiot Geithner.  How can he possibly say that the credit downgrading was wrong?  I’m surprised it didn’t get downgraded further.  I ask you, is a country that has an unpayable debt a good credit … Continue reading

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Another Voice For Glass-Steagall To Avert Global Financial Crisis

Finally, there’s a voice of reason in the mainstream press, the New York Times no less.  Here is an opinion about banking and the Glass Steagall Act, saying it seems “miraculous.”  It talks a little about the separation of commercial … Continue reading

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Global Financial Crisis Could Mean Global Economic Panic

At the end of June, the QE2 runs out and it looks like the Fed will stop buying treasuries.  That means, as of now, no more bail outs.  This article talks about the global economic panic that can ensue when … Continue reading

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Obama Is On Recovery Fantasy Island

After watching MSNBC tonight and hearing President Obama say “the recovery that we’re on” was just too much to take.  I was waiting to here “de plane boss, de plane.” I guess Obama is continuing to ignore the latest figures … Continue reading

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Bailouts Did Not Help Global Financial Crisis, Glass-Steagall Will

With the shocking news coming out in the past few days that the economy is still in really bad shape, that there is no recovery, it hits home the sad fact that all the bailouts did absolutely nothing to help … Continue reading

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Economic Rehab Can Take A Long Time?

In watching the news tonight it’s obvious what I’ve been saying for a while:  There is no recovery, never was.  The Obama administration has been lying about it so they look good.  But, you can only hide that for so … Continue reading

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S&P Downgrades US Outlook

This video on the looming downgrading of the U.S. and the consequences that it would have shows the economy is not in any recovery.  The one very interesting word they mention is Bretton Woods, the town after which the post … Continue reading

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