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What Are People Eating to Survive in the Economic Crisis?

I came across an article in an online news journal about what people are eating to survive in this economic crisis. It’s both sickening and sad.  It has a 30 minute video in the article that really shows the depths … Continue reading

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Another Voice For Glass-Steagall To Avert Global Financial Crisis

Finally, there’s a voice of reason in the mainstream press, the New York Times no less.  Here is an opinion about banking and the Glass Steagall Act, saying it seems “miraculous.”  It talks a little about the separation of commercial … Continue reading

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Obama And Congress Go To Wall Street For Campaign Money

I came across an interesting an honest article from the Washington Post about the power of Wall Street.  Although the article is more about campaign finance reform and the broken promises of Obama, it does bring out the fact that … Continue reading

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Bailouts Did Not Help Global Financial Crisis, Glass-Steagall Will

With the shocking news coming out in the past few days that the economy is still in really bad shape, that there is no recovery, it hits home the sad fact that all the bailouts did absolutely nothing to help … Continue reading

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No Economic Crisis For All The Billionaires

Well, Forbes just put out the list of the world’s richest people.  I think many people are fascinated by billionaires.  How did they get so rich?  What do they do to make so much money?  Having been in politics and … Continue reading

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Another Global Economic Crisis On The Horizon?

It’s no secret that the world economy is a bit unstable.  All the bailouts have failed to make it any more stable, in fact, they have  made it more unstable.  So much so that the World Bank’s president, Robert Zoellick, … Continue reading

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