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The Anti Lincoln Bias of Rick Santorum

As presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is changing his focus on “Freedom…,” whatever that means to him, after his loss in Illinois, potential voters should know a little fact about one of his stunts.  I was reading an article in philly.com, … Continue reading

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Governor Perry Promises Jobs Without A Plan

The field of Republican contenders is scary in the fact that non of them have a clue about what to do about the economic crisis.  Since Gov Perry is getting the latest head lines on his absurd and hypocritical plan, … Continue reading

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The Sad Ending Of The Space Shuttle Program And America’s Future

The end of the space program marks a sad time for America, not only because of the economic crisis but because of the end of the space era.  History will remember that Obama represents the end of greatness of this … Continue reading

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