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President John F. Kennedy’s Battle Against Wall Street

As part of the shrinking segment of the population who can remember where they were when they heard the news of the Kennedy assassination, it’s refreshing to see America’s fascination with President John F. Kennedy. I have such memories of … Continue reading

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S&P Downgrades US Outlook

This video on the looming downgrading of the U.S. and the consequences that it would have shows the economy is not in any recovery.  The one very interesting word they mention is Bretton Woods, the town after which the post … Continue reading

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Who’s Winning On Jobs And The Recovery?

The Obama administration insists that there’s a recovery out there, somewhere.  I haven’t seen it, in fact, while the administration has been claiming that they’re “winning” on the economy, much like Charlie Sheen has been “winning,” all I’ve seen is … Continue reading

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