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Economics In Spain Taking Psychological Toll On Unemployed

I wrote in a previous blog, titled Obama’s Plan Leaving Millions of Unemployed Dejected, I wrote how the long term unemployed are affected psychologically by leaving them “dejected.”  Well, it seems that Americans are not the only ones.  In Spain, their … Continue reading

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No More Unemployment Benefits for Out of Work

If you happen to be one of the long term out of work, then you may become just another statistic, unfortunately. And, if you see the official figures that the economy is improving, especially in your state, but you still … Continue reading

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The Anti Lincoln Bias of Rick Santorum

As presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is changing his focus on “Freedom…,” whatever that means to him, after his loss in Illinois, potential voters should know a little fact about one of his stunts.  I was reading an article in philly.com, … Continue reading

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The Harrowing Job Market

The job market is not good out there. ᅠHere is a post about one young man’s story of trying to find a job. ᅠIt’s scary for the youth of today going into the work place. ᅠIt underscores how this country … Continue reading

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