Obama Is On Recovery Fantasy Island

After watching MSNBC tonight and hearing President Obama say “the recovery that we’re on” was just too much to take.  I was waiting to here “de plane boss, de plane.” I guess Obama is continuing to ignore the latest figures that came out about the economy and the global financial crisis.  We are NOT in a recovery, never were! Get out of fantasy land!

It’s a known fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics fudges the figures for unemployment.  For example, if someone is unemployed and  hasn’t looked for a job in a certain amount of time, then they are not considered unemployed in the official figures.  Moreover, if a person loses his/her job and has finds a menial job as a cashier or fast food worker, they are figured in to the employment stats when in reality, they should be in a class of underemployed.

How can you give the same weight to a part time, low wage job as you do a full time family supporting wage?  If they worked the figures to reflect the true picture, unemployment would be 15 – 20%.  That true figure would instill more fear and even less confidence in the population than already exists.

The president knows, or should know, all of this.  But he still sticks to the line of a recovery.  He is totally controlled by Wall Street, since they put him in the presidency through people like George Soros and others.  Look how many times he has bailed them out and they are in worse shape.  But, no bailouts for Main Street.

Who’s Getting Voted Off The Island?

It’s time for someone to vote Obama off the island, fantasy island that is. But, what’s even more sad is that there are no potential presidential  contenders on the horizon who have any idea what to do about this economic mess.  The historical lessons, however, are there, from Lincoln to Roosevelt to Kennedy, all of whom fought against Wall Street.

Let’s bring some reality to the president.  The historical example of the Roosevelt recovery based on the American System, as outlined by Alexander Hamilton and Friedrich List, is there for the president to use. Every time it has been used, there has been real growth in terms of physical output in the economy which, of course, created millions of productive, well paying jobs.

Unfortunately, since Obama is a creation of the Wall Street crowd, he won’t implement the American System because it’s inherently anti-Wall Street.  It’s up to the American people to learn more about what can be done to stop Wall Street and rebuild Main Street and to demand that our representatives support that policy.  Right now, there is a bill in Congress, H.R. 1489, which will  restore the policies of the Glass Steagall Act to separate speculative investment banking from productive commercial banking.

That bill, if enacted, will break much of the power of the banks to steal good money and turn it into toxic money.  Call your representative now and tell them to support H.R 1489 by Rep Marcy Kaptur.

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