Ukraine Russia Crisis Created by the West

The recent violent ousting of a democratically elected president in Ukraine is an operation run by the U.S. and the British to bring Ukraine in to the sphere of looting in the west. As

Yanukovich meeting with Putin

Yanukovich meeting with Putin

well as to strategically surround Russia.

 What the American people are not being told

The American people are not being told, of course, that the so called “pro-west” demonstrators are foreign influenced provocateurs who used violence and provocation to bring a western, subservient government into power. Among the leaders of the protesters-turned-violence-provocateurs is Svoboda, a so called nationalist [socialist -ed] -party with a known fascist history and tendencies, which the U.S. is supporting.

Russia knows this and is acting in it’s interest. Having a western backed mob overthrow a legitimate government in your neighbors yard is enough to deploy troops in any country. And since Russia’s gas pipes flow through Ukraine to Europe, it’s completely understandable that Russia would protect its interests.

U.S. supports anti democratic forces… again

Also, this is the second time that Yanukovich was elected as president and ousted by a western backed protest movement. The first time was the so called “Orange Revolution” where Yushenko, the pro western candidate, was put in power by protests, supported by the U.S. et. al., and western pressure.

The U.S. (Obama, the Wall Street puppet, specifically), and others are major players behind the scenes supporting this violent mob just as they did in Syria and Lybia where they supported known AlQeida militants to overthrow the governments there, among other places. This fact is well known by the Kremlin leadership.

Yanukovich got elected a second time. He rejected joining the European Union knowing

Yanukovich booth  Odessa 2004

Yanukovich booth Odessa 2004

that it’s bankrupt and has nothing beneficial to offer Ukraine. He instead chose to ally with Russia and the economic development deals it’s making with China as having a brighter future for Ukraine than the downsizing, layoffs, outsourcing and theft of bank accounts (as in Cypress) that the European Union has to offer.

This became so obvious when even MSNBC had an article that the post Yanukovich government must brace for economic pain. And Forbes magazine is more revealing in this article , where the bankers man, the new prime minister, Yatsenyuk, lays out the new program for Ukraine. He wants to be the Ukrainian “Jeffrey Sachs” and implement Shock

Arseniy Yatsenyuk IMF hatchet man in Ukraine

Arseniy Yatsenyuk IMF hatchet man in Ukraine

therapy.  And one banker says: “Yatsenyuk is the the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism,” or a State Dept official saying essentially that ‘we want Yats in there.’

That is, economic pain! It’s no coincidence that a banker, Yetsenyuk, is the interim prime minister. He wasn’t out in the street getting shot so how did he get to be interim prime minister? What are the chances of that happening? It exposes the covert support, and not so covert, of this phony protest movement.

Protests for pain?

Can anyone really believe that people are so passionate about their country joining an economic union that is bankrupt and steals the savings of their citizens and puts them in further debt to international bankers? Do they really want the IMF to do to their country what it did to Yugoslavia? Do people normally demonstrate violently so that bankers can devalue the currency, raise taxes, raise interest rates and lay off state workers? Only the naive readers of western mainstream press would believe that.

I just want to say that this is not America’s original, nor historical, policy to support fascists and mob rule. This is an America taken over by Wall Street and City of London financial interests now using the U.S. as the policeman of the world in their geopolitical game.

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