The Sad Ending Of The Space Shuttle Program And America’s Future

Space Shuttle

U.S. Space Program

The end of the space program marks a sad time for America, not only because of the economic crisis but because of the end of the space era.  History will remember that Obama represents the end of greatness of this great country.

The space program is not just another item on the budget for which money has to be cut, it represents the future, the genius, the boldness, one giant step for mankind.  It represented optimism, purpose for an entire culture. Yet, it is all thrown away by the stroke of a pen and the smallness and backward thinking of a president and Congress.

What happened to America?  We could conquer space, land a man on the moon, but we can’t come up with a budget?  It’s difficult to come up with words to describe the Lillipution-like thinking of our policy makers.

NASA is responsible for so much innovation and related economic activity that without it, we’ll have less productivity, less economic activity and therefore less for the government, which will result in more cuts.  This begins the downward spiral of the U.S. as a powerful nation.  We have been relegated to second, and soon, third world status.

 Is this all by chance?  Is it the historical cycle of history that has seen empires come and go, nations rise and fall, cultures that expand then go extinct?  One might think so, or read it in a college text book that this is the way it is.  I’m here to say that’s all nonsense.

 This was all a plan, something I talked about more than 20 years ago as a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.  I saw the policies being implemented to de-industrialize this nation.  It was not by chance or some business cycle.  It was by design.

 The big problem first started with the creation of the creature from Jekyll Island, the Federal Reserve, when America was given a central bank, like the Europeans, and it’s sovereign national credit system was taken away.  It became the Wall Street crowd which controlled our money and, eventually, our politicians.

 The system that made this country a powerful nation economically, and therefore politically, was swindled away from us.  That’s why Roosevelt (Franklin) went after the Wall St. crowd.  Imagine J.P Morgan being on trial, or the criminals from Goldman Sachs having to testify on why they helped create the Great Depression.  You don’t see that happening now.

The Wall St. and their City of London cohorts has a specific policy to make America, as a nation, weak while the British Empire, in the form of a financial and raw materials controlling empire is more powerful.

They have filled our universities with their version of economics, Free Trade, the system of King George III whom we had once despised and fought, but whose system now rules the former colonies.

The original, true system, known as the American System of Political Economy, or simply, the American System, has been wiped off the history books so that we are stuck in a no win battle, no win for the U.S. that is, of how much money to cut, or how many taxes to raise.  Sad that a once great nation can be so minimized by it’s own politicians, corrupted by foreigners just as the great city of Athens was faded into the history books by its politicians corrupted by the Persians.

 The space program is just the latest pillar of a once great Temple of Libery, and Beacon of Hope, to fall in this economic earthquake.  Will the spirit of ’76 rise again in America?  Will that incredible spirit that got us to the moon, that mobilized to win a world war, that created the first great republic among empires and kingdoms come out in these trying times?  God, I hope, I pray so!

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