George Soros Gave Us the Obama Regime, Now Wants Clinton

Who is George Soros and why does he play prominent in American politics?

George Soros by photographer Harald Dettenborn

George Soros by photographer Harald Dettenborn

He is a key figure in “regime change,” the Neo-con policy of changing governments around the world that are not friendly to the Wall St./corporate control of their national resources and finances.  Soros is not originally an American and is currently a financial advisor to the British Royal family.

In the 2008 election, Hillary was a shoe-in to become president.  For some reason, unknown at this time, the financial crowd around Wall St. didn’t want her to become president, so they launched a project, mainly through, to promote a relatively unknown, rookie senator at the time, Barack Obama.

After promoting him through the site, Obama went to New York to meet with Soros who introduced Obama to many of the other financial power brokers there. After this, the corporate owned mainstream news media gave him prominent coverage to the point where Obama moved up in the polls quickly, becoming a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton.

The financial networks of Soros and others, and the news media, created a steam roller effect to make it look like a totally organic phenomenon and got many of the “average Joe” citizens to support him and give money, obscuring all the Wall St money that went into his campaign.

They even got prominent figures like John Edwards and Jimmy Carter (by making financial contributions to their charities) to ultimately change their electoral college votes from Hillary to Obama. Many other democrats did this as well.  So, Hillary actually lost electoral college votes during her campaign, something that could potentially happen to president-elect Trump today.

In 2008, there was some irregularities in the Iowa caucuses vote and Hillary could have challenged it, but she didn’t. Obama won big there against all the polls and all odds. Her supporters at the time were crying fraud. There were numerous other irregularities in other caucus states which were never investigated.

For example, in Texas, more than 2000 supporters filed fraud complaints with the Democratic party against Obama’s campaign.  The state party even acknowledged “criminal violations” but nothing was done about it.

So, this obscure, nobody, rookie Senator, Obama, with no money, came out of seemingly nowhere to win the presidential election against a long time, well-funded, favorite.  This simply doesn’t happen in America without the intervention of the establishment, in this case, George Soros and the Wall St. crowd. They created regime change before the “regime” even got into office by changing the outcome of the 2008 elections.

Although Obama campaigned on a promise of undoing all the bad things Bush did, and helping the American people by changing their lives for the better (“yes, we can”), the first thing Obama did in office was to bail out Wall St. at the expense of main St. to the tune of $800 billion.

And, we now know, from the WikiLeaks emails, that Obama’s entire first cabinet was chosen by Citibank, essentially, the financial establishment who put him in office.

I’m not sure why Soros didn’t want Hillary to be president in 2008, but she paid homage to them over the years, got back into their good graces and she was definitely their candidate this time around in 2016. They apparently called it wrong on Trump though.

I believe they thought that they could stop him with all the news media slanders and attacks. But what it did, I think, is cause many people to be afraid to publicly acknowledge supporting Trump. So, the polls were all wrong and their usual vote fraud was not enough to overcome the hidden support for him. As one pundit put it: the media took him literally but not seriously and his supporters took him seriously but not literally.

Now, the Soros gang is doing crisis management by starting protests/riots against Trump ( is behind them) and also through Soros money which is behind the vote recount led ostensibly by Jill Stein. She raised more money on Thanksgiving day, for the recount, than she did in a year of her presidential run. She gets more media coverage for the recount than she ever did for her Green Party presidential run.

Make no mistake, this is treason! This is foreign intervention into our elections. Just as Soros money was behind most, if not all, of the “color revolutions” (Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, the so-called Arab spring, the Balkans, the Philippines), anti-corruption protests (such as in Brazil and Armenia recently), the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, and many pro-democracy demonstrations.

This is why Russia has banned all of Soros’ organizations there. They know his Open Society Foundation and other groups are all about regime change, not democracy.  It’s about time that we in the US do the same.

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