Romney, Obama Fiddle While America Burns, Literally

As I was watching the news tonight, NBC news, I couldn’t help but be sad for the U.S. and the people in it, knowing that just about all the disasters happening now could have been avoided. More than half the country is now in drought, scorching the earth, with a part of that literally burning. And the presidential candidates have no plan to deal with it. It’s such a sad commentary on the political state of this nation. We have a president, Obama, who hadn’t done anything for the economy, and has no plan to do anything.

And, we also have a candidate, Romney, running against him with no plan for the economy. Isn’t it terrible that our choice is do nothing, or do nothing. The candidates are fiddling while the country burns, literally.

Do nothing

Do nothing A

Do Nothing B

The big discussion tonight was did Romney work at Bain Capital when they started outsourcing jobs. No discussion of the fires, the drought, having enough energy for the heat waves or the resulting reduced food supply. Doesn’t that mean that the food prices are going to sore such that the speculators will have a field day on the commodities market? Are any of the candidates going to protect the American people from the speculators? As of now, it doesn’t look like they will.

Thinking Big for America

When I was a candidate for Congress more than 20 years ago, I talked about projects to bring fresh water to the western part of the U.S. to avoid these drought conditions. All the suffering, all the destruction of cattle, the dying food crops, the stress on the families could have been avoided had the plan gone into effect.

The plan is called the Notrh American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). It was developed in the 60s when America was a growing, thriving society that thought big, and thought about the future. It was the Kennedy phenomenon. It would have brought billions of gallons of fresh water from Alaska down into the western U.S. though the Rocky mountains, channels and canals using hydrolic pumping stations and creating hydro-electirc power plants along the way.

In fact, if you look at the map of the drought today, and look at the area that NAWAPA was designed to irrigate, the drought would practically be a non event with minimal damage, if it were in place today. But, all the possibilities that could have been, was crushed by the assasination of Kennedy and the subsequent shift of money away from projects such as infrastructure building and the space program, into the Viet Nam war, then the rise in oil prices (from two faked oil crises) and high interest rates of the late 70s. America, industrially, was shut down and we became a “small” nation. Unfortunately, people, especially the supposed leaders, don’t think big anymore.

Balance the Budget?

Imagine, half the country is being scorched and they can only talk about balancing the budget. Or, did Romney work at Bain Capital when it outsourced jobs?  That’s the discussion?  How many jobs were outsourced during the Obama administration?  Obama promises jobs but only if the budget is balanced! And he wants to get re-elected on that? No jobs program until the budget is balanced!!! How likely is it that the budget will be balanced? Never!

The way the system is designed now, the budget can never be balanced. It is designed to always be in debt so that the banks, owners of the Federal Reserve, will always have an income stream from the American people in the form of debt payment. It’s Wall Street demanding their pound of flesh. Only the steaks here are much more than flesh.

  The Amazing U.S. Credit System

Speaking of money and debt, that brings up another issue. How would such massive infrastructure projects be financed, if the U.S. did decide to go back to its roots and become a growing nation? Well, that’s what’s so unique about the U.S. financial system, that is, before the Federal Reserve system. America was originally a credit system, NOT a monetary system. Monetary systems are what kings and queens used to control the economy. Today, it is done through multinational banking and financial institutions, many of which are, in fact, run by the old European nobility who are still around today.

So, how does a credit system work and how would it work to finance such massive projects today? That’s too long for this blog post so there is a free, downloadable copy of a recent report on the NAWAPA project and how it can be financed with Credit. If you’re not blown away by the possibilities of what we can do in this country to prevent disasters, or minimize them, if you’re not blown away by how many millions of people can be put back to work in a short period of time by this massive project, then, I don’t know… I’ll eat my hat, or something.

Click here for the NAWAPA Report – PDF will open in a new window

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