Ukraine Maidan Protestors Run by Western Financial Interests

The picture is getting more and more clear as more evidence is coming out that the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government in Ukraine was, and is, run by foreign powers to put in a technocratic government which will ram through brutal austerity and lock Ukraine into debt agreements with the IMF which will be hard to break.

This type of brutal austerity can only be implemented by a govenment not held accountable to the people, such as this kangaroo koalition in Kiev, or KKK for short, given Stepan Bandera’s Nazi pedigree.

The events are such:  Yanukovich rejected integration with the EU (because they had nothing to gain from it) and favored a deal with Russia which is orienting toward asia for economic development.  When the EU, US, the IMF and other institutions saw this, they deployed their on-the-ground capability using the pro Nazi thugs of the Stepan Bandera and Svoboda variety.

They used the excuse of wanting to integrate with the EU to have mass demonstrations against the government.  They most likley paid a lot of the unwitting as they did the last time they stole the election from Yanukovich in 2004 with their demonstrations in Independence Square, know in Ukraine as Maidan (pronounced My Don).  And, I’m sure there were who thought that life would get better in Ukraine by joining the EU (hard to believe when you look at the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and others in financial ruin).

As the demonstrations wore on with no real change, they needed to up their game.  That means blood has to be shed to inflame the situation.  So, the snipers were brought in by the demonstrator leadership, as evidence is coming out, to start firing on people, which they did, both police and demonstrators.

This is the new “Strategy of Tension” to affect political change  (the Strategy of Tension refers to the terrorist operations in Europe in the 70s that were run by secret networks within NATO.  These networks ran or controlled the terrorist groups like the Brigada Rossa and the Bander Meinhoff groups, among others).

Now they have their bloody shirt to wave.  Probably, a lot of the people who died were just the demonstrators who didn’t like the corruption and were not part of the terrorist leadership.  This is when things heated up in the demonstrations.  They, of course, blamed Yanukovich for the shootings, which was believable at the time because the police beat up many of the protestors.  The shootings turned things more violent which led to the events where Yanukovich had to flee for his life.

The new western backed nazi coalition came into power in a nation of 64 million people with the backing of a few hundred violent, militant protestors.  They are not accountable to the Ukrainian people and certainly don’t represent them.  Maidan is destroyed and looks like a war zone, which it is, really.  All that just so they can join the EU and have austerity forced on them?

Doesn’t make sense except in the context that this was a totally contrived operation to change the government.  And all that government is talking about now is how to implement that austerity.  As Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs) said, which was leaked out, ‘we want Yats in there.’  That’s Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk, Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister who is a total IMF puppet, and,  “unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding” as this article in Forbes magazine points out.
“He [Yats] wants to follow the Greek model,” said a president of an investment firm.  Are you kidding?  Do you believe the average person in Ukraine wants to go down the path of Greece?  The demonstrators were so passionate about being like Greece that 90 died, 900 were injured to be bankrupted like Greece?  That makes no sense at all, which proves this was totally, and unequivocally, a foreign backed operation.  Russia has every right to be concerned.

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