President John F. Kennedy’s Battle Against Wall Street

President Kennedy

President Kennedy

As part of the shrinking segment of the population who can remember where they were when they heard the news of the Kennedy assassination, it’s refreshing to see America’s fascination with President John F. Kennedy. I have such memories of him and how my parents really liked him.

It was a time when people felt a breath of fresh air after the stagnation of the last few Eisenhower years. It was a time of optimism, of positive change. America was going into the future with a renewed confidence, looking to the moon and the stars with our technological progress, we could accomplish almost anything.

We were going to solve the poverty problem in the third world and get our economy going at the same time. All those hopes and dreams of an entire nation were wiped out by the shots of a Parallax View.

It was a very sad day for all of America when he was assassinated. I was too young to understand it all, but I felt the sorrow and the loss. I didn’t understand all of what was happening at the time, but I picked up on all the adults saying how things “had changed” afterward.

Things really did change in the U.S. after that. The Beatles came several months later and made their debut to a still mourning population whose vulnerability left them open for something new, something different, something radical: a cultural paradigm shift. The British invasion, the Viet Nam war escalation, the rock, drugs, sex counter culture with it’s attack on western civilization’s values rebuilt the psyche of a fragile population.

Although many like to remember JFK and talk about the Camelot storybook of his life, his charisma, his charm, I want to remind you of what he did for the country. Other than the space program, the other things he did is usually lost in the new media.

The space program was one of the greatest economic stimulus’, if you will, in the history of the country. For every dollar the government spent on the space program, fourteen dollars of productivity was returned to the economy. We enjoy so many technological advances today due to the space program which was almost 50 years ago. Imagine what it would be like if we had continued the space program.

Kennedy fought the steel trusts. When they tried to raise the price of steel arbitrarily Kennedy took them on and they backed down. Can you imagine that happening today? Imagine any recent president taking on big pharma, Wall Street, the oil companies, or all the major corporations who send millions of jobs overseas. It’s just not going to happen.

He got the Investment Tax Credit incentive passed which gave a tax break to companies to upgrade their equipment so they would have the latest technology and, therefore, always be more productive. He kept manufacturing in the U.S. Today, the corporations get tax breaks for sending job overseas. Very little is produced in the U.S. these days.

He issued executive order 11110 which printed up actual Treasury Notes, about four billion dollars, which were in circulation. This constitutional currency bypassed the unconstitutional, private, Federal Reserve system. This would have saved the taxpayers billions in interest payment to Wall Street bankers over the next decades. All the notes were recalled after the assassination so we were locked into the Federal Reserve scam.

These are just some of the economic highlights of what he did and the record speaks for itself. By the late 60s, as a result of Kennedy’s economic program, America was 6% of the world’s population yet produced, in America, 40% of the world’s goods. It’s a sad commentary that the Congress today can’t even come up with a budget. The economy is in shambles and they can’t figure out why? And not one person in the U.S. Congress even mentioned “why don’t we do what Kennedy did?”

It goes to show how much control Kennedy’s enemies in Wall Street have in our government today. So, in all the hoopla and fantasy about the Kennedy administration, don’t lose the fact that the very people he fought back then are running the government today.

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