Obama Campaign Getting Mexican Drug Money?

What would President Obama campaign 2012 have in common with HSBC, a bank that’s laundering billions for the Mexican Drug cartel?  One would hardly believe that such an alliance would exist. But evidence coming out from various sources certainly raises a lot of questions.

In this article on the larouchepac website it talks about the new scandal coming out around the money laundering of HSBC, the formerly official bank of the British East India company’s opium trade, and lists the major elements and players of the investigation. This information is based on an HSBC insider who witnessed the massive money laundering for the Mexican drug cartels, and even has physical evidence of it. He, of course, was fired in 2010 when he reported it to his superiors.

Here is a little irony: he, the whistle blower, took his evidence to the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal and state agencies, and nothing was done. Only now are at least two U.S. Attorney’s offices investigating the case.

One of the elements listed is about Obama laundering money for his 2008 campaign:

“* In January 2012, The Ulsterman Report published a briefing from its source, “Washington Insider,” who claimed that Obama “laundered something like $300 million, maybe more in 2008,” and that he is doing it again in the 2012 campaign. “Maybe this time they’re up to a billion dollars or more? Money from China? Pakistan? Iran? Libya? Nobody knows,” Washington Insider said.”

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Now, for me, this raises a lot of questions. And it should for you as well. First, here are some things that we know. President Obama was put into office by Wall Street and City of London finance. That is, the main player in helping the Obama campaign get going was George Soros, one of the world’s biggest speculators and a personal financial advisor to the Queen of England. He took Obama around New York and introduced Obama to all the big financiers on Wall Street at the beginning of his campaign. The first thing Obama did after getting into office was to bail out Wall Street.

Why isn’t the Mexican cartel shut down?

There is a real, actual war going on just south of our border where the existence of that country, Mexico, is threatened and could be taken over by the drug cartels which are, at this point, responsible for up to 80,000 deaths so far, 81 beheadings just in the month prior to May 14th. This war is spilling over into America. Why is the U.S. not treating this as a war?

The U.S. sent hundreds of thousands of troops to Iraq, spent hundreds of billions of dollars and lost too many American lives to fight a war based on false evidence (the yellow cake story). I spent almost as many resources chasing one man for 10 years. Yet, they are ignoring the war right on our border.

The Mexican cartels are making billions on the drug trade. All that money has to go somewhere. You can’t hide it under your matress. So, it goes through the banking system, laundered, turing dirty money into “clean” money. This could only be possible with the witting complicity of the banks, like HSBC, earlier Wachovia (now Wells Fargo), and many others including, most recently. one of the Queen’s personal banks, Coutts & Co.

As a side note, we know that the U.s. can shut down a drug cartel as in the case of the Colombian Medellin cartel of Pablo Escobar fame. The U.S. has the resources to do it in a very short period of time. The problem is that they shut down the Colombian drug franchise to open the Mexican franchise. It’s easier to get the drugs into the states. I personally suspect that the assasination of Mexican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio was part of the operation to usher in the drug franchise.

Getting back to Obama and the HSBC, since George Soros was the major player/financier in bringing Obama into the presidency, and since Soros is a personal financial advisor to the Queen, and since the HSBC has was started as a British opium bank, did drug money find it’s way into the Obama 2008 campaign? And, is drug money finding it’s way into the Obama 2012 campaign? Is this why the war to our south is being ignored and allowed to escalate? Is the drug money laundering a back door bailout for the Wall Street banks? If we shut down the drug trade will many of the banks collapse?

As of now, the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee, headed by Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) is investigating HSBC  So, here are some questions Senator Levin can ask of HSBC.

See this post HSBC’s Long History of Drug Money Laundering

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