The Legacy Lost from the Kennedy Assassination

In this Politically refreshing article in, John F. Kennedy’s Vision of Peace, there is some serious discussion of what the president actually stood for and his political, as well as mental, battles he had while in office. With all the pageantry and attention on the man and his Camelot life, and the news media’s obligatory denial of a conspiracy in his murder, there is little discussion of his politics and economics, which were crucial to his popularity.

Kennedy and Khrushchev

Kennedy and Khrushchev

Those policies also made him what I term a truly American president, that is, following in the footsteps of what the American Revolution and it’s principles were all about as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. This article, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., shows how the president was more at war with his own military and CIA, than with the Soviets.

They both were involved in trying to get the U.S. into a war with the Soviet Union at any price. They wanted to invade Laos and Cuba as well as putting hundreds of thousands of troops in Viet Nam. Kennedy fought all this and was negotiating an eventual end to the Cold War with Khrushchev through back channels.

Would it be right for a country that was formed in rebellion to oppression, tyranny and and the aristocratic whims of a monarch to support the colonial powers around the world? Kennedy was a definite no on that.

This, of course, drove the generals and intelligence operatives crazy. It shows their total disregard for the lives of the American people, the ones who would actually be fighting and dying in these wars because what the article doesn’t say, it would detract from the intent of it, is the generals, et. al. were part of the ruling elite in this country. They are the wealthy new England blue bloods tied in with the Wall St. banking crowd, among others.

These are the people who make money from war. War is very profitable for them. Just think of how much money was spent/made, in the military buildup, preparations, operations, proxy wars, etc., during the 25 years of the cold War after Kennedy was assassinated. They are running America like their own imperial power. They want to return to the Feudal system with their own aristocracy. Hence their opposition to Kennedy’s Vision of a peaceful, prosperous America.

I think it was rather brave for Robert Kennedy Jr. to come out with this article because as the article itself states at the end, you can’t even publicly talk about what JFK did in this regard: “Yet the world he [JFK] imagined and fought for has receded so far below the horizon that it’s no longer even part of the permissible narrative inside the Beltway or in the mainstream press. Critics who endeavor to debate the survival of American democracy within the national-security state risk marginalization as crackpots and kooks. His greatest, most heroic aspirations for a peaceful, demilitarized foreign policy are the forbidden­ debates of the modern political era.”

Read the article here.

I mentioned in my previous post that not even one person in the Congress will talk about what Kennedy did, let alone implement any of his policies. RFK Jr. confirms that fact with this article. The big take away here is that the U.S. has been run for the most part by the enemies of John Kennedy since the assassination.

Presidents come and go but this establishment stays in as is evidenced by the persistent, callous wars we get into and the continual bailing out of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, just to name the most egregious offenses.

JFK represented the last of a tradition of truly American presidents. Kennedy campaigned saying: “I am a Roosevelt Democrat,” clearly distinguishing himself from the other “Dixiecrats” of segregationist and states rights proponents. Franklin Roosevelt himself was a big proponent and follower of Lincoln, even saying something to the effect that we [the Democrats] should claim Lincoln as our own since the Republicans aren’t using him.

That represented a continuity of a specific American tradition which was wiped out by those opposed to Kennedy’s Vision of Peace. The article is a must read to understand this dichotomy of the two Americas in hopes that the tradition can be revived in the near future before the U.S., as it was originally intended, is completely gone.

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