George Soros and His Attempts to Overturn US Elections

It should be noted that this guy who interferes with the politics of all nations has a very communism-1295052_1280sordid and treasonous past.  Soros is a Hungarian born, non-religious Jew who was 14 when the NAZIs invaded. With the help of his family, he pretended to be a Christian and, according to his own words, from a 60 Minutes interview, admitted to working with the NAZIs to confiscate the property of the other Jews who were sent to their deaths. He said this was the happiest time of his life.

This sets the background and formed his character and world outlook, according to his own words. He is a vicious, cold blooded financial speculator who has destroyed entire nations’ economies with his speculative activity. He was the key figure in the so called Asian Flu financial crisis in the 90s, which destroyed the livelihood of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people.

With such a heartless policy toward nations and their populations, why does he give so much money to seemingly good, philanthropic, allegedly progressive causes?  After all, he gives money to ACORN, National Council of La Raza, Huffington post, Southern Poverty Law, People of the American Way, Planned Parenthood, National Organization of Women, Black Lives Matter, and Correct the Record, among others.

His money is now involved in the vote recount filed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  This is big and could overturn the elections, just as the Soros money has overturned elections in other countries. They wouldn’t try this if they didn’t have people in place to reverse the election results. Stein raised more money for this recount in one day (Thanksgiving Day) than her entire year long presidential run. How is that possible?

Hates Sovereign Republics

He advocates limited sovereignty for the US while advocating that the US become more interventionist in other countries, while also advocating that international institutions have more control than national governments.   That is, he wants to control policy in countries but have the US military be the enforcement arm of those policies, kind of like what we have now.

He is also a personal financial advisor to the Queen of England, and has people from the Rothschild banking establishments in his Quantum Fund, the entity used to destroy many nations economically through speculation. So, it’s not just Soros, but an establishment of financial Rothschild British banking interests behind him. It includes among other dirty figures, the international criminal Mark Rich, who was pardoned by Bill Clinton. No wonder all of Soros’ speculations seem to work out for him.

His outlook is from a British financial empire perspective. He does not like sovereign republics, hence his advocating limited sovereignty for republics and greater power to international institutions. He is a real “globalist.” But, keep in mind, he is only the front man for a very powerful group of international financiers, mentioned above.

This is important and explains why he gives so much money to allegedly pro-democracy or progressive organizations. These are the primary tools used to undermine democratic institutions within a republic and the republic itself, the instruments for “regime change.”

These instruments have many names: color revolution, pro-democracy revolution, anti-corruption demonstrations, umbrella revolution, among others. All are used to get rid of nationalist, or anti-globalist governments and put in leaders favorable to global corporations and banks who can then easily destroy the country economically and/or take all of their resources cheaply.

Soros Drug Pusher

Soros money was behind every Marijuana legalization proposition in the US, in the beginning, bringing pot into the mainstream. Not that there aren’t medical uses for cannabis, but he wants all recreational use throughout which is significant as I’ll explain later.

Why does he want everyone to be high on pot? Historically, the British empire, or which he is a part, historically used drugs to subdue populations and make money.  By the late 1800s, after fighting two Opium Wars with China, 60% of the income of the British Empire was from the sale of opium to China. The monarchy today, the queen, enjoys the financial fruits of hundreds of years of looting.

At one point, 10% of the entire population of Shanghai was addicted to opium. This drug addiction was financed mainly through HSBC, the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, or Hong-Shang for short, which is still laundering drug money today for the Mexican Drug cartels.

This is how Britain “owned” Hong Kong, they took it in the Opium wars and used it for the staging ground to supply opium into mainland China. So, opium was not only a money maker, but a means to subdue and weaken the population’s resistance to being controlled.

This is the approach that Soros has toward the US today. He would like to have everyone high on drugs to control them and ease the pain of being an economic slave. This is not my speculation, this is the historically successful policy of the British/financial establishment, for whom he works.

It’s no small coincidence that opioids are now the biggest addiction problem in America and it leads to Heroin addiction, the refined product of opium which comes from the former British colonial growing areas in Asia.

Soros Is Treason!

This is why everything he does is outright treason. He should be in jail, not deciding who our president will be. He was already key in putting Obama into office. Now, he is trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election through his organizations. is mobilizing protests and riots against Trump.

This along with his support of the Black Lives Matter movement can cause a big division in American society. His money is now going into the vote recount in at least one state, possibly three states. This is the groundwork for a big upheaval or division in society. Spread the word so we don’t fall into his regime change trap.

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