America’s Border Wars Largely Ignored

In watching the news tonight, there was a segment about the drug traffickers and how they run form the police on the American side of the border.   Some even run their vehicles into the Rio Grande river to escape capture.  The incredulous thing is that there are traffickers waiting on the other side of the river who speed over to the American side to unload the cargo of drugs before the American authorities get there.

Border Crossing

The drug traffickers are operating more boldly and openly than ever.  They know our border patrol is stretched to the limit so they can get away with a lot.  If there is any doubt that a war is going on to our south then now is the time to dispel any of those doubts.  More violence is spilling over to the U.S. side.

So, why don’t we treat it like a war and actually fight it like a war?  Well, at the highest levels, they don’t want to fight it.  There is simply too much money to be made in the illegal drug trade.  I mean, if they really did want to stop it, they could do what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, that is, send in hundreds of thousands of troops.  But, they won’t do it.

The U.S. is spending more than 2 billion dollars a week in overseas military operations.  But, our border patrol is underfunded and undermanned.  The narco dollars, ultimately, come through the US banking system, as well as others, propping it up to some degree.

This alliance of Wall Street and narco terrorism is evidenced by the infamous meeting, in

Wall Street loves Naro-terrorist murderers

1999, between Richard Grasso, the then Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and Raul Reyes, a leader of the FARC narco terrorist rebel group, in a demilitarized section of the jungle in Colombia.  Grasso essentially told the leader to put his money in Wall Street.  The famous “hug,” or “abrazo” was circulated throughout Latin America at the time.

So, Wall Street has no problem with narco terrorist drug dealing murderers as long as they put their money in the New York financial center.  The FARC is responsible for the brutal murders of more than 20,000 people in Colombia, and that number is much higher for the Mexican traffickers against Mexicans, soon to be against Americans.

It never surprises me that the news media never talks about where the money from all those drugs goes.  They seem to play down the fact that there is a real war going on right across our border, spilling into our country and that we need to treat it as a war.

If the government really wanted to stop it, they could.  Since Wall Street runs much of our government, including the president, via speculators like George Soros and others, they just don’t want to lose the heavy cash flow propping up otherwise bankrupt financial institutions.

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