The Harrowing Job Market

The job market is not good out there. ᅠHere is a post about one young man’s story of trying to find a job. ᅠIt’s scary for the youth of today going into the work place. ᅠIt underscores how this country needs a jobs creation program to give the youth a purpose in life.

I can remember as a kid, under the Kennedy administration that we had a mission to conquer space. ᅠMany kids wanted to be astronauts and see what’s out there in space. ᅠThat optimistic outlook died with the president.

I’m an at-home mom with a BA, but will soon be waiting tables as my husband, who holds a JD, has been unable to find work for nearly a year. Even the local pedicab company has turned him down. Of course, the folks in charge are utterly clueless about

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We can bring back the opportunities for the youth as well as the optimism with the right policies of rebuilding industry, agriculture and infrastructure. ᅠThat will only happen, however, if the current administration is out of the control of the Wall Street crowd. ᅠAnd that’s only likely to happen if there’s a huge clamor from the American people to put the policies through. ᅠIt’s time to make this country the industrial giant that it once was.


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