Is Timothy Geithner A Complete idiot, Or Just A Liar?

I have to rant about this idiot Geithner.  How can he possibly say that the credit downgrading was wrong?  I’m surprised it didn’t get downgraded further.  I ask you, is a country that has an unpayable debt a good credit risk?  Or, how about the fact that we are losing jobs constantly?  Or does our infrastructure, which needs trillions to repair, signify a solid nation?

This is the same Geithner that spent trillions, of U.S. taxpayer money, bailing out criminal, lying bankers and investment firms to the detriment of the average Joe in America.  Did he suggest bailing out the states that are bankrupt? NO.  And he calls this “a very resilient economy!” All the states make up the United States of America, at last recollection.  If all the states are bankrupt, what does that say about the nation?

Yet, he bails out the bad businessmen and foreign banks, but not the American states.  And that makes for “a very strong country?”  Give me a break you idiot.  He should be in jail with some of the other criminals on Wall Street, maybe the cell next to Bernie Madoff because Geithner is running a much bigger Ponzi scheme by bailing out bad debt and more money on top of more bad debt until the bubble will burst.

Does that sound like a strong nation.  It’s really time to go the Roosevelt road and start massive reconstruction of out economy and finances, prosecute the swindlers on Wall Street, instead of bailing them out, and only then will America’s rating go up.


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