Falcone and Borsellino Assassinations 20 Years Memorial

I just attended an memorial event on the 20th anniversary (May 23rd) of the assasinations of Givanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. It was quite interesting to me because when I was involved in politics at the time of the assasination, my political associates and I were following the “Clean Hands” investigations going on in Italy. I was saddened to hear of the death of Falcone, and later his friend Borsellino.

I thought they were all but forgotten until I heard about this event, which I had eagerly attended. It started off with a video hookup to some leaders of a group in Sicily called Addio Pizzo (pizzo [not pizza] is the name for the extortion that the mafia demands from businesses). They gave an update on their fight against the mafia in the form of stopping this pizzo.

They have businesses that don’t do the pizzo and over 5000, now, preferred customers who will choose non-pizzo businesses over pizzo businesses. They say it’s working, so far, and the group seemed very motivated. As professor Stille points out in his talk, the mafia is getting stronger since the Falcone clean up 20 years ago.

      The Lecture

The memorial lecture titled “The fate of an excellent cadaver: the legacy of judge Falcone twenty years after his death.” was then given by a professor Alexander Stille who referred to his book: “Excellent Cadavers: the Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic..” Of the key points, one is that the political structure is integrated with the mafia. It would almost seem like a feudal fight, against the mafia, yet one that must be fought. One example is that falcones’ boss at the time, Chinnici, was told to put Falcone on other investigations and to bog him down in paperwork. Chinnici refused, he was killed and the investitations continued.

And, this is so typical of the political protection that the mafia receives from the political structure. After more than 350 supposedly untouchable mafioso were put in jail by Falcone, he became the taget of an investigation, having to defent himself and being publicly slandered. And let me tell you, I know how that works from my days in politics fighting corruption. The news media is NOT on the side of the people, but on the side of the power structure.

Although Falcone set the precedence for going after the mafia, the supposedly untouchables, which is used by other magistrates in other parts of Italy, overall prosecutions of mafia are steadily going down. In fact, Burlusconi ran on a platform of “let’s stop all this investigation stuff and move on with life,” essentially. He won. According to Stille, there was talk that Burlusconi, and others, called the mafia boss to thank him for their support. This has not been openly confirmed, however.

                  Mafia Censorship in America

Another quite interesting point, to show the political integration, is that, according to professor Stille, there was a photo display, I believe for this 20 year anniversary, at the Italian Washington Embassy and they asked Stille to contribute an essay to the exibit. So he did, and the last line of the essay mentioned that there is this integration now between the mafia and the political structure. The officials at the embassy told him to take out that last line, he refused, and his essay was not diplayed.

So, in fact, he was censored in America from talking about politics and the mafia. If he had just talked about the mafia, it would have been OK, but not mafia and politics. Now, doesn’t that show exactly that: there is an integration between the mafia and politics even here in America? What political protection does the Sicilian mafia enjoy from the U.S.? Actually, it’s much bigger than the Sicilian mafia.

The Larger Fight

Twenty years ago I was, as I mentioned earlier, involved in following the Clean Hands and othe efforts to stop the corruption. Italy specifically, and Western Europe in general, were the targets of ultimately a British policy, ru through NATO, of desabilization, unofficially called the “Strtegy of Tension.” Our efforts focused on exposing the P2lodge (Propaganda Due lodge) of Licio Gelli. This was a secretive masonic style lodge whose tentacles reached into just about all levels of govenment in Italy, particularly the intelligence services.

As documents later came out, this network was part of Operation Gladio, a secret network within NATO that was ostensibly, supposed to stay behind and become the resistance if the Soviet Union were to invade Western Europe. But, as the documents show, Gladio did more destabilizing than protecting of Italy, and Western Europe in general. It came out that this secret network had ties to the P2 lodge networks and also ran, or influenced, the terrorist groups like the Red Brigades (Brigada Rossa) and the Baader Meinhoff gang in Germany.

That puts them in the middle of the [Italian Prime Minister] Aldo Moro assasination. Moro was kidnapped and alegedly killed by the Red Brigades. Why? He was a mediator and tried to get the parties together, including the Communists, for improving the economy of Italy. That didn’t fit in with the overall programm of City of London and Wall Street domination of countries, their currencies, their labor and their raw materials.

IN fact, the Red Brigades hunter, General Dalla Chiesa, said of the previous terrorist incidents [prior ot the Moro kidnapping] that connections had emerged among right-wing circles, freemasonic networks, organized crime, and intelligence structures.

The mafia is just another piece in this structure of treason, corruption and control of entire nations. They do a certain function for the higher ups. They get their hands “dirty” while the higher power structure of politicians, banks and certain businesses keep their hands “clean,” yet still reap the profits.

Political Assassinations Lead to the Same Place

This post is getting a little lengthy but this 20 year anniversary talk brought up a lot of memories so I’ll cite one more Italian example which ties in a lot of events to really show the integration of politics and mafia. Enrico Mattei is known as the creator of the modern industrial Italian state. He fought against the “seven sisters” oil cartels and circumvented their power by buying directly from the Soviet Union. That, among many other things that he did, was a no no to the international financiers and their intertwined oil interests. In fact, a July 19, 1962 British Foreign Office report said: “Matteism is potentially very dangerous for all the oil companies which operate in a context of free competition….”

On October 27, 1962, just 10 days before he was to meet with president Kennedy, Mattei was killed, assasinated, in a plane crash. The plane left from Catania, Sicily with an apparent bomb aboard it. The murder was completely covered up by the highest levels but later reports talked of witnesses seeing New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello in Catania Sicily just two days before the crash. What was a New Orleans mafia honcho doing in the very same Sicilian town that Mattei was in, at the same time? Surely, no coincidence.

Marcello was the largest share holder in United Air Taxi, whose pilot, David Ferry, flew illigal weapons, among other things, for the Internation Trade Mart of col. Clay Shaw. The Trade Mart was a subsidiary/partner of the British “Murder Inc.” front known as Permindex (Permanent Industrial Exposition). This leads into the Kennedy assasination networks, which occured just over one year later. But that’s for another blog post. Suffice it to say that the marriage between politics and mafia is there, the evidence shows it.

Getting back to the talk by professor Stille, it was refreshing to see that the memory of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino are kept alive, two great fighters in the cause of justice. What do you know about Falcone, the mafia and politics?

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