The Space Shuttle Launches No More

Continuing on my blog from yesterday, the end of the space program is symptomatic of the overall collapse of theU.S., both economically and culturally.  As a kid in the 60s, I can remember vividly the optimism and the pride of being an American.  As children are very impressionable, I was being impressed with what I saw in the adults at that time, which was an optimism that we could solve almost any problem, they were proud.

The Civil Rights movement was in full swing and undoing a wrong of history that had kept this house divided.  It was the Kennedy years, a time of looking toward the future with purpose.  The space program, accelerated by Kennedy, was a big part of that optimism.  For millennia mankind has looked at the moon and could only wonder.  Now, we, our generation, this culture, are going to the moon.  And we did go to the moon.

Moving to the end of the 60s the counter culture was in full swing.  Some institutions backed by big money came out to say that all this optimism is bad for society.  So, by 1972, the Apollo program was over.  It wasn’t until ten years later that we started the Shuttle missions.  And, although a scaled down, budget cut program, still represented a ray of optimism and hope.

Now, with the budget crisis, the economic crisis, the financial crisis, and on and on, the Shuttle Program is dead, the final blow to an optimistic era, slain by the pessimism of budget cutting, small mindedness and the turn away from the true American sprit of growth, development and progress.

What’s so important about the space program, which is a part of the positive cultural and psychological impact on a society, is the economic value that it gave to our economy in the form of spin off technology.

This is such a crucial part of the whole space program because of the way it was designed to benefit the people on earth by going to other worlds.  Mars was originally on the agenda in addition to the moon.  That’s how it was planned by the original German scientists who were a key part of the program.  In fact, they had made a movie inGermanyto promote the idea of going ultimately to Mars.  It was called The Woman On Mars, or Die Frau Auf Dem Mars.

So, in order to put a man on the Moon, or a woman on Mars, one has to invent technologies that don’t exist yet, that aren’t even a thought yet.  In accomplishing that mission, that goal, of  going where no man has gone before, as was said on a very popular TV program, man thinks of, and invents new technologies.  And the way our system works, the real historical American System, that new technology in introduced to the private sector so the small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and even big business use those technologies to make life better, easier, and more productive.

The space program created so much activity and helped to expand the economy that for every dollar the government spent on the space program, they created 14 dollars worth of activity in the economy.  Now, that’s how you balance the budget, if, of course, you don’t go spending all that money on unjustified wars, interest payments to the Federal Reserve or bailing out corrupt Wall Street bankers.

You may not even realize how many things you use on an everyday basis that was created as a result of the space program.  I won’t go into them all here but here is a link to a NASA site that will show you.

Click here to see the spin off technologies of the space program.

Did you realize how much of NASA’a “spin offs” we use?  It’s time to call the politicians on the carpet.  They just killed one major part of our economy that will create more money for the government and more jobs for the people thereby creating more pessimism  and despair.  Another sad ending of a progressive era.

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