The Real Cause for the Middle East Protests

The protest in the Arab world are everywhere in the news.  It’s quite
interesting that all the barriers that have held the populations in
check for literally decades have all broken down.  So, why, why now are
the mechanisms of control of those populations no longer effective?
What is it that they are really protesting against?  The mass media is
obscuring the underlying causes.

I have to admit that it’s exciting to see people just rise up, mostly
peacefully, against injustice and corruption.  And so far, it appears to
be genuine, not like many of the so called “democracy” movements.
Unfortunately, many those are financed by various sundry agencies to
affect political changes that are not so democratic.  The Orange
Revolution in Ukraine being a phony democracy protest that comes
immediately to mind, where “protesters” were paid to demonstrate and camp in the square.

Ukraine, roughly 15 years earlier as part of the Soviet Union, had been
a part of a genuine revolution to change a bad economic system at the
time.  I recall it as the protests started as candle light vigils in
East Germany when the mechanisms of control broke down due the economic
crisis there.  Those peaceful protests (some were not so peaceful)
spread to Hungary, Poland then one eastern block nation after the other,
including Ukraine, and culminated in the collapse of the whole Soviet

Just as those protests started in one country, East Germany, and spread
throughout the whole system.  The protests in the Arab world started in
Tunisia and quickly spread to other countries.  It has the potential to
bring down the system in the whole Middle East.

These protests, particularly in Egypt, are based on economics.  The
perennial leaders of these countries are the symbol of bad, in some
cases desperate, living circumstances.  But what is the economic system
that caused it?  What similar systems do they all have that caused the
populations to disregard the controls and go into the streets?  The
shocking reality underlying the cause of the protests is globalization!

Yes, globalization is based on a system of shifting wealth from lower
and middle classes to upper classes.  It’s a zero sum gain system.  That
is, in order for one person to get rich, thousands have to lose.  It was
designed by some of the richest people in the world and is a revival of
the colonial system, the very system against which the American
Revolution was fought.

Unfortunately, the countries of the former Soviet Union went from
communist economics to globalization, like just most of the rest of the
world did.  I believe the U.S. could be next to see large demonstrations
in the streets against the budget cuts, against losing their jobs, their
homes, their insurance, their 401Ks and all the other effects of
globalization.  We can see the beginnings of this with the protests in
States around the country against the budget cuts.

The question is what will come after the protests.  America needs to get
back to its traditional system of Hamiltonian economics, the system that
was later used by Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy, among others.  And we
need to export that system to other countries to allow them to develop
their economies and living standards.  Otherwise we risk getting a world
system of collapse, dictatorship and depopulation.

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