Obama’s Plan Leaving Millions of Unemployed Dejected

It just does’t seem to end, the employment situation in this country, that is. It’s not surprising, however, since there is no plan to create an economic recovery in the future, at all. None of the candidates have a plan for a recovery. Yet the Obama Administration is trying to claim that there’s a recovery by using the unemployment statistics. Clearly, the statistics are totally false.

This article from NPR points out that many people are simply dropping out of the labor force, that is, they just stopped looking for work because they are “dejected.” As the article points out, “Last month, the civilian labor force shrank by 342,000 people. The unemployment figures in March and April were down, not because there were fewer jobs, but because there were fewer people looking for work. Economists say many of those workforce dropouts were “discouraged” workers who moved to the sidelines after months, even years, of trying to nail down jobs.”

The article cites one womans’s story who simply gave up, moved back home with her parents. She needed to take some time off “from the disheartening job search.” She will try to get retrained as a nurse, or so she says. It’s a fact that we, as humans, can only take so much rejection. It does wear on your psyche, so it’s no wonder people are just dropping out, especially when there is no hope for a brighter future.

Both of the, current, candidates (Looks like it will be Obama and Romney at this point, barring any major changes) want to leave it up to the free market for the recovery. Of course, they’re ignoring the fact that it’s the Free Markets that got us into this mess. In my previous post, “American Companies Are Creating More Jobs…Overseas,” I talked about the free market policy of downsizings, sending jobs overseas, etc. That’s the policy of the private sector. So, how can they possibly effect a recovery here when they created the recession. It’s a depression in my book.

It’s a Depression

The official unemployment figure right now is 8.1%. But, if you factor in the underemployed, those who lost a good paying job and now have a lower paying job, maybe two of them, plus the people who stopped looking for work, you get an official figure of about 14.5%. And, with my experience in politics, I believe even the official figures are fudged downward. I believe the unenmployment rate is closer to the Great Depression levels of around 23%. If it’s not there yet, it will be in the not too distant future.

It would be very easy to create a recovery in this country. However, the Wall Street crowd doesn’t want it. They run the Obama administration from beginning to end. They picked him to run for president, financed him, indroduced him to all the big people in Wall Street (George Soros, one of the worlds biggest financial speculators, did this) and got the Democratic Electoral votes to go for him, even after being pledged to Hillary Clinton. And, Mitt Romney made his money on Wall Street. He is, essentially, a speculator. So, he will never go against the system that help make him rich.

What we really need, is a Roosevelt/Kennedy style mobilization of the powers of government to create up to 6 million new jobs in the first year alone, which is very feasible today. These would be productive, well paying jobs. The big obstacle preventing this is the Wall Street crowd. They don’t want more investments in the economy. They like a lot of unemployed because it keeps the labor rates down. It’s the desparation mentality where people will be willing to work for less just to have a job.

Another factor, is that they want scarcity. Why create new roads, bridges or fresh, potable, water systems when the existing ones are in private hands just waiting for the scarcity. You can just raise your price, make a killing without having to spend any money on investments. That’s, unfortunately, the future for the dejected unemployed and the future unemployed.  Have you been laid off, or know someone who has been and is discouraged?

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