No More Unemployment Benefits for Out of Work

If you happen to be one of the long term out of work, then you may become just another

No more money for you!

statistic, unfortunately. And, if you see the official figures that the economy is improving, especially in your state, but you still can’t find a job, well, it sucks to be you, according to the government because your long term unemployment benefits, or extended benefits, that additional 13 to 20 weeks of unemployment, are about to run out.

I frankly, don’t buy into the idea of a recovery. I believe that most of it is fudged figures so they don’t have to pay out unemployment benefits which costs money at a time when all governments are trying to balance their budgets. There may be a few jobs trickling in, but compared to the massive layoffs over the past several years, it’s a drop in the bucket and can’t even compare to the actual recovery programs of the Kennedy or Roosevelt administrations. In fact, I don’t see any recovery program at all.

This article on MSNBC’s economywatch, talks about one womans struggle to keep her house and kids when she just lost her long term unemloyment benefits because her state’s statistics got slightly better. For examle, the unemployment went down from 10% to 8.9%.  So now it’s considered in a recovery!  But, this woman, along with many others, are still out of work. So, the 8.9% will lose any extended unemployment benefits that they have, or were entitled to.

This article has many other statistics about the different states that are now losing the long term unemployment benefits for their residents who are still out of work:

“Nationwide about 12 million people are out of work and actively seeking a job. About 5.1 million of those are considered “long-term unemployed,” meaning they have been looking for work for 27 weeks or longer.”

And, to add insult to injury, one reason the unemployment rate is falling is that some people simply stopped looking for work and are no longer counted in the statistics. So, officially unemployment falls. I pointed this out in another post that the more people get discouraged and give up looking for work, the better the unemployment figures look. Is that really the best way to track unemployment?

So, really, you can have a deeper depression and as more people fall off the grid, you can claim a recovery.  Kind of deceitful if you ask me.  Of course, none of the candidates are talking about this, nor are they presenting a viable program to help Americans who are out of work. They can come up with a huge bail out for Wall Street, but not much for Main Street.

Do you think that we’re in a recovery? Does the economic future look brigher for you and your family?

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