More Calls For A Roosevelt Style Recovery

With the economy getting worse, and the mood growing more dim, some voices are calling for a return to what worked in the past.  This article is one more voice in that chorus of brave souls willing to go against the tide of Wall Street.  He goes into a little reality about the so called recovery but doesn’t denounce it outright, some diplomacy perhaps.  But, he does end with some good reasons for a return the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps of the Roosevelt administration.

“The idea that cutting spending will magically energize the American job engine is ludicrous in the short-term. Meanwhile, Americans don’t like the idea of millions upon millions out of work, homeless and struggling for food, so we authorize unemployment benefits but call them temporary and pretend that we don’t have a social safety net when in fact we do.”

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I have been calling for a return to those policies, in these blog posts, to create productive, high paying jobs.  The financial barons on Wall Street and the mass media that sings their Free Trade praises will have you believe that it’s “socialist,” a “boondoggle,” or “outdated.”  And I say, well, look at their current system of massive multi-trillion dollar bailouts.  The government bails them out constantly.  It’s a socialistic boondoggle system for the banks whose time has come.

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