Happy To Work Like A Slave Than Be Out Of Work

In this so called recovery, pronounced by the administration, there’s a scary psychology developing in the minds of population, particularly the unemployed, those not fortunate enough to get a bail out.  Here’s an article which demonstrates what I call the “slave mentality.”

Read the article here

It’s the idea that you can be happy with crumbs when you have nothing.  It’s painful to think that this is happening in the U.S.  But, with all the jobs going overseas, budget cuts, outsourcing and greedy CEOs, there’s intense pressure to drive wages, and therefore living standards, down.

It doesn’t have to be this way in America but with Wall St. in control of policy making, there’s no end in sight for the failing economy.  Hence, the dangerous, but unnecessary, mass psychosis being happy to have a low wage, hard working, stressful job, than to have no job at all.

Read the article here

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