Governor Perry Promises Jobs Without A Plan

The field of Republican contenders is scary in the fact that non of them have a clue about what to do about the economic crisis.  Since Gov Perry is getting the latest head lines on his absurd and hypocritical plan, if you can really call it a plan, I’ll just make a few comments his jobs promise from an msnbc article.

The Governor claims that he created 1 million jobs in his state.  The first question to ask is how did you do that?  What specific plan did you implement to create those million jobs?  Were you trying to create a million jobs when you implemented your secret plan? Or, were you trying for 2.5 million and only a million were created?  And, what kind of jobs are they?

You can read the full article here

He’s not telling us because he doesn’t know the answers.  Basically, he showed up for work and the jobs were created. According to other articles half of those jobs were from federal money, not from anything Rick Perry did.  So, he, like all the others, really doesn’t have a plan.

It’s also interesting, and scary, that he wants the government out of the energy business.  Look at what happened to California when the govenment got out and totally deregulated the energy industry there.  It created a financial crisis for the state and they haven’t recovered.  It was mostly Texas based energy companies that made hugh profits in California during that period.

So, if we cut all the subsidies and don’t regulate the energy industry, who will make sure that all Americans have affordable, abundant energy?  The energy companies themselves?  Are you kidding?  Without an historical perspective on the energy industry, or any industry for that matter, he should just drop out of the campaign and admit that he really doesn’t know what to do?

What are you ideas on creating jobs in America?  I’m talking about real, productive, high paying jobs?

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