Big US firms are hiring overseas while cutting jobs at home

Here’s a brief blog on an article by the Wall Street Journal about how the big companies are hiring more people overseas. ᅠSo, my question is: how is it that the Obama administration can proclaim that we’re in a recovery? ᅠIs he playing the American people for fools? ᅠIt just came out in the news that corporate profits are up, way up. ᅠAnd, what are they doing with that money? ᅠHiring abroad, of course.

ᅠᅠThere’s no new job creation here, in the US. ᅠThe only way that will happen is if Americans fight for a policy that Franklin Roosevelt had. ᅠThere are no politicians today espousing a program like that. ᅠThey all are Free Traders instead of American System proponents.

ᅠBy Jackie Headapohl Commerce Department data shows big US multinational companies are hiring overseas while cutting jobs at home. Big US multinational corporations are hiring abroad while cutting headcount back home, according to a story in the Wall

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It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge of the policies that made America a great and economically powerful nation. ᅠWhat is the true American economic system? ᅠHint: ᅠit’s not Free Trade.

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