Bank Of America And Brian Moynihan Suck?

This is just a hilarious reality check video from the Keiser Report.  It’s sad, true and funny.  One of the big banks who got bailed out, Bank of America, apparently bought hundreds of URLs to cover their a**es from the hate they’re incurring due to their criminal behavior.  URLs like (president and CEO) and many others show that they know people hate what they’re doing.

So, instead of stopping the criminal acts, they simply want to protect their reputation, if that’s possible at all.  This video is about 26 minutes and has a lot of other funny political material in it but the Bank of America part is a few minutes in the beginning.


Click here if video doesn’t play

Bank of America should be laughed at.  They and so many other banks got bailed out by our tax dollars, then they raised their interest rates on their credit cards to people with good credit risks (they did it to me), raised fees and defrauded customers.  So, we pay them many ways, or should I say, they take our money so many ways.  They should be in jail not getting bailed out.  Oh, and did I mention, corporate banking bonuses will be the highest ever this year?

These criminal banks could be shut down, or their actions curtailed severely by reviving the Glass Steagall Act of the Roosevelt Administration.  In fact, it was introduced to the House recently as HR 1489.  If you want to break the back of Wall Street, this is the way to do it.  Call your Representative today and tell them to save Main Street, not Wall Street, by supporting HR 1489.

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