Are Natural Disasters Getting Stronger And More Frequent?

Many may be asking this question.  With the news filled with one natural disaster after another, from intense thunder storms, tornadoes in the northeast, stronger earthquakes, to droughts and floods, it seems that the environment is changing.  Is it man made global warming?  Is it the end times?  Are we being Biblically punished for wrong doing?

Well, I say no to all of them.  In fact, I found the most rational scientific explanation for why the weather patterns are changing and natural disasters are increasing frequency and intensity.  The link below goes to a 35 minute video that explains how the earths position in the solar system, and thus the galaxy, has caused several major extinctions every 62 million years due to natural disasters, the last one being the extinction of the dinosaurs.

So, are we, according to the evidence in the video, headed for a mass extinction also?  Most probably, if we are not prepared.  With modern technology to detect major events, we can be prepared before hand, avoid massive loss of life during an event, and recover more quickly after a disaster.

Unfortunately, at a time when we should be preparing with financial, medical and physical resources, the governments of the world are cutting back, collapsing financially and physically.  We are definitely not prepared, as a people, to defend ourselves against a naturally occuring galactic phenomenon.

It hits home hard the need for governments to dump the Wall Street policy of bailout after bailout of a speculative financial bubble, which is bursting anyway, and start putting resources into the physical reconstruction of our economy.  That is, basic economic infrastructure, agriculture and industry, the big three, or rather, the basic three for any viable, lasting society that’s prepared with the resources to deal with almost any natural calamity.

Click here to watch the video

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