Who’s Winning On Jobs And The Recovery?

The Obama administration insists that there’s a recovery out there, somewhere.  I haven’t seen it, in fact, while the administration has been claiming that they’re “winning” on the economy, much like Charlie Sheen has been “winning,” all I’ve seen is people getting laid off, downsized and rising prices.
Here’s an article on some of the facts of the economy to show who’s really “winning,” and it’s not Joe Average.  It’s just more evidence that things are not going to turn around anytime soon and what America needs is to get back to it’s roots on economic policy as FDR, JFK and others understood it.

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Do you think the economy will turn around on it’s own?  Or do you think it needs some government intervention?  The government has been out of the picture more and more, that is putting the economy into the hands of the private sector.  That means Wall St.  And they’ve done a fine job on the economy, haven’t they?

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