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American Companies Are Creating More Jobs…Overseas

With all the rhetoric about creating jobsĀ and “getting the economy moving again” from the candidates on both sides, here is an article, from (originally from the Wall Street Journal), showing that American companies are actually creating more jobs overseas. … Continue reading

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Amazon Makes Billions by Pushing Its Workers

In the information economy where the old but solid industrial jobs are long gone and billionaires are created overnight with a new inovative idea or technological invention, one theme stands out: the push for higher and higher efficiency, and hence … Continue reading

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The New Go-NoWhere Generation of Unemployed Young Adults

As if you hadn’t heard enough bad news about the economy, here is a story by Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News, in the Post Gazette, about two young men, not far from me, actually, who are struggling in … Continue reading

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The Failure of Obamanomics and the Financial Crisis

Well, here is a term that I just heard. Maybe it’s been circulating around but I haven’t heard it until now, Obamanomics. An editorial in really underscores the failure of Obama’s economic plan, if you can call it a … Continue reading

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