Bandera Nazi’s behind Ukraine Maidan Sniper killings?

As the evidence comes out, it is consistent with the type of foreign operation run on the internal affairs of a sovereign country.  And, in this case, a brutal operation.  The people

Stepan Bandera

Stepan Bandera

loyal to the Stepan Bandera ideology, Svoboda, Trizub and the Right Sector, were the leaders of this violent ouster of an elected president.  Aside from showing that they don’t care about, and, apparently, don’t like, democratic institutions, they will stop at nothing to push their agenda.

The facts show that they, and therefore the current coalition in government, were most likely behind the sniper killings, as government officials and protestors alike were killed and injured.  The most damning evidence so far is the phone conversation between EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet, who has confirmed that the conversation is real.

The file was supposedly Continue reading

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Ukraine Maidan Protestors Run by Western Financial Interests

The picture is getting more and more clear as more evidence is coming out that the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government in Ukraine was, and is, run by foreign powers to put in a technocratic government which will ram through brutal austerity and lock Ukraine into debt agreements with the IMF which will be hard to break.

This type of brutal austerity can only be implemented by a govenment not held accountable to the people, such as this kangaroo koalition in Kiev, or KKK for short, given Stepan Bandera’s Nazi pedigree.

The events are such:  Yanukovich rejected Continue reading

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Ukraine Russia Crisis Created by the West

The recent violent ousting of a democratically elected president in Ukraine is an operation run by the U.S. and the British to bring Ukraine in to the sphere of looting in the west. As

Yanukovich meeting with Putin

Yanukovich meeting with Putin

well as to strategically surround Russia.

 What the American people are not being told

The American people are not being told, of course, that the so called “pro-west” demonstrators are foreign influenced provocateurs who used violence and provocation to bring a western, subservient government into power. Among the leaders of the protesters-turned-violence-provocateurs is Svoboda, a so called nationalist [socialist -ed] -party with a known fascist history and tendencies, which the U.S. is supporting.

Russia knows this and is Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela and Economic Apartheid

I’m going to add another side of the discussion to the life of Nelson Mandela. He was larger than life and, I believe, one has to admire him for what he had been through and that he came out of jail with what appears to be a “malice toward none” approach to bringing his country together in racial reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela Voting

Nelson Mandela Voting

I had watched a lot of the news reports and the shows about his life. He has a very interesting background. His commitment to non violence parallels, or slightly predates, that of Martin Luther King, but yet succeeds Gandhi’s non violent resistance against the British. Perhaps he took a lesson from him.

I became more fascinated with his life as I learned more. I have to admit that I hadn’t really studied the man in the past. I didn’t know that in the beginning he was committed to non-violence as a means of change. His decision to change that would have been Continue reading

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The Legacy Lost from the Kennedy Assassination

In this Politically refreshing article in, John F. Kennedy’s Vision of Peace, there is some serious discussion of what the president actually stood for and his political, as well as mental, battles he had while in office. With all the pageantry and attention on the man and his Camelot life, and the news media’s obligatory denial of a conspiracy in his murder, there is little discussion of his politics and economics, which were crucial to his popularity.

Kennedy and Khrushchev

Kennedy and Khrushchev

Those policies also made him what I term a truly American president, that is, following in the footsteps of what the American Revolution and it’s principles were all about as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. This article, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., shows how the president was more at war with his own military and CIA, than with the Soviets.

They both were involved in trying to get the U.S. into Continue reading

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President John F. Kennedy’s Battle Against Wall Street

President Kennedy

President Kennedy

As part of the shrinking segment of the population who can remember where they were when they heard the news of the Kennedy assassination, it’s refreshing to see America’s fascination with President John F. Kennedy. I have such memories of him and how my parents really liked him.

It was a time when people felt a breath of fresh air after the stagnation of the last few Eisenhower years. It was a time of optimism, of positive change. America was going into the future with a renewed confidence, looking to the moon and the stars with our technological progress, we could accomplish almost anything.

We were going to solve the poverty problem in the third world and Continue reading

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Romney, Obama Fiddle While America Burns, Literally

As I was watching the news tonight, NBC news, I couldn’t help but be sad for the U.S. and the people in it, knowing that just about all the disasters happening now could have been avoided. More than half the country is now in drought, scorching the earth, with a part of that literally burning. And the presidential candidates have no plan to deal with it. It’s such a sad commentary on the political state of this nation. We have a president, Obama, who hadn’t done anything for the economy, and has no plan to do anything.

And, we also have a candidate, Romney, running against him with no plan for the economy. Isn’t it terrible that our choice is do nothing, or do nothing. The candidates are fiddling while the country burns, literally.

Do nothing

Do nothing A

Do Nothing B

The big discussion tonight was did Romney work at Bain Capital when they started outsourcing jobs. No discussion of the fires, the drought, having enough energy for the heat waves or the resulting reduced food supply. Doesn’t that mean that the food prices are going to sore such that the speculators will have a field day on the commodities market? Are any of the candidates going to protect the American people from the speculators? As of now, it doesn’t look like they will.

Thinking Big for America

When I was a candidate for Congress Continue reading

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Economics In Spain Taking Psychological Toll On Unemployed

I wrote in a previous blog, titled Obama’s Plan Leaving Millions of Unemployed Dejected, I

No more construction jobs for Spain

wrote how the long term unemployed are affected psychologically by leaving them “dejected.”  Well, it seems that Americans are not the only ones.  In Spain, their “self-esteem is a mess,” which is tearing “the social fabric apart.”  Globalization, Free Trade and the private markets aren’t doing much good for the Euro system either, apparently.

And Spain, the next European domino to fall after Greece, has more than double the unemployment rate of the rest of the European community, somewhere above 24%, as this article by Oliver Stanley in points out. As the govenment cuts more, in a futile attemp to balance their budget, the unemployment will continue Continue reading

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The European Crisis’ Screwed Generation, Whose Fault Is It?

The financial and economic crisis in Europewas all very predictable. As a political

The Eurozone

activist in the 1990s, I campaigned against the whole Europe 1992 thing. Seeing that British finance and the European nobility were behind “uniting” Europe, I knew that no good could come out of it, that it was a way for nations to give up their sovereignty, wipe away the nation state, and let the decisions for their populations be made by a small group of people.

I saw it as a return to a Feudal political system because, well, for one reason, the European oligarchs were pushing it, as well as the City of London finance. It’s interesting that the british never joined the Euro system but they handle all the finances for the Euro. Just ask yourself: what economy was really prosperous, for the majority of the population, that is, during the Feudal period? The answer is Continue reading

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Falcone and Borsellino Assassinations 20 Years Memorial

I just attended an memorial event on the 20th anniversary (May 23rd) of the assasinations of Givanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. It was quite interesting to me because when I was involved in politics at the time of the assasination, my political associates and I were following the “Clean Hands” investigations going on in Italy. I was saddened to hear of the death of Falcone, and later his friend Borsellino.

I thought they were all but forgotten until I heard about this event, which I had eagerly attended. It started off with a video hookup to some leaders of a group in Sicily called Addio Pizzo (pizzo [not pizza] is the name for the extortion that the mafia demands from businesses). They gave an update on their fight against the mafia in the form of stopping this pizzo.

They have businesses that don’t do the pizzo and Continue reading

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